Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.48.50 PMMobility Live Atlanta 2014 prep is in full swing.

If you missed the inaugural event in 2013 you can expect 1,000+ attendees packing three different venues in midtown for two days of mobile tech  strategies, innovations and standards.

Helping out with the Future Forward track we’re narrowing down a list of possible topic ideas that are “beyond the horizon” in mobility. This means we’re looking at mobility trends that are only now emerging and poised to be major market forces 5+ years from now.

Help Wanted – Future Forward Topic Ideas

Here’s where you come into play. I need some feedback. Which of these session ideas catch your interest?

  • App Constellations – The mobile app world is seeing app consolidation under bigger parent companies. For example, Facebook now has the Facebook app, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. The big are getting bigger, which increases their influence and makes it tougher for new/small apps to get exposure in app marketplaces. Will this trend continue and if so how do you combat it?
  • Alternative Security/Privacy Solutions – One thing making SnapChat so popular is its ephemeral nature (regardless of whether this is actually true, this is the perception it goes for). With so much personal data being collected, saved and then used back on us, consumers are seeking places where they can remain anonymous or trust they aren’t being tracked. What other ephemeral app concepts will we see in the future?
  • New Modes of Network Access – How is our network infrastructure evolving to support our constant demand for network access? For example, technologies like pCells are giving users access to more data, more of the time, in more places.
  • Evolving Definitions of “Mobile” – Not too long ago “mobile” primarily meant smartphones. With the rise of wearables, Internet of Things and more, what will “mobile” mean 5-10 years from now?
  • The Mobile Classroom – How will education change in a mobile-enabled learning environment where learning isn’t restricted to a physical classroom between a fixed time period every day?

Or even better yet, what ideas aren’t even on this list? I haven’t touched on the future of money in mobility (e.g. digital currencies, mobile-to-mobile payments), industry specific trends (e.g. retail, healthcare) or regulatory influences such as the net neutrality debate.

And speaker applications are open so submit a proposal if you’d like to speak on one of these topics or the many other tracks.