Outside the services and solutions world utilization and chargeability have little meaning. Inside a consulting company, however, these two numbers drive your business.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

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What Is Utilization?

In short, utilization measures whether your consultants are doing anything. More specifically, is the work they’re doing right now tied back to a particular project of some sort?
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Make blog writing into a natural habit so you feel something missing when it’s not there.

OK Bryan, great question. You’re right, it’s pretty easy to figure out how to create your first blog. Especially with sites like WordPress and Squarespace.

But adding content?

And doing it consistently?

It’s taken awhile but I’ve found a great routine to writing, enough so that it’s part of my weekly schedule. So here’s how I write a post each week.
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As we officially shut the door on 2014 one of the last things I like to do is take a current snapshot of the tools I’m using.

Productivity Tool Trends

First, a couple trends I’ve noticed.

First, I’m paying more. Of the 15 apps listed here I’m paying for 7 of them. A few years back you’d be lucky to get money from me on a quarter of the apps I used. I wrote about this earlier in the year as I’ve learned how minuscule the cost of these apps are – a couple bucks a month – in comparison to the time you save.

Second, this list is getting longer. I’ve added 17 new apps this year compared with the 12 from last year, which doesn’t include many of the honorable mentions I left off to keep this list from being overwhelming (e.g. Overcast, MyScorecardMisfit & Multi Timer for Pebble, and more). Maybe I’ll need an app purge in a year, but as long as they keep talking to each other I’ll keep exploring and updating.

Of course you can always catch the latest on the How I Work page. In the meantime, here are the tools that made the jump to became part of my daily work flow during 2014.

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