I’m going to start Snapchatting more often.

A lot more often. Like every day more often.

And I want you follow along.

Rehashing the Snapchat Explanation

As each month passes in the mobile tech world I’m more and more enamored with the ephemeral nature of Snapchat. (read this first if you’re not sure what I’m talking about)

Remember, the reason why disappearing social media works so well has nothing to do with risky pics sent to lovers.

Instead it’s:

  • Avoiding becoming a hoarder of digital clutter
  • Capturing the moment without worrying about how many likes you’ll get, or
  • Focusing on what matters, the content, instead of how many followers and friends you have

Listen to episode #495 of TWIT and you’ll start nodding your head in agreement as my wife did when I unsuspectingly (to her) coaxed her into listening with me.

The episode also turned me onto my first ‘celeb’ follow on Snapchat, Casey Neistat. You can find him as CASEYNEISTAT. Apparently I’m late to this party as Casy’s Snapchat has already been covered on Medium and elsewhere.

casey neistat
this guy!

A Snap a Day

With that, I’m going to start sending out a Story once a day. Each story is available to everyone, but only for 24 hours. And then you’ll get a new one.

I’m not sure what the focus will be to start. Hopefully a lot of the same topics you see here – mobile, customer experience, lean, productivity hacks, etc. I often have a brief thought or quip I want to share, but don’t have the desire to make it permanent. Permanent is so…permanent. Will I say something I’ll regret a year from now? Do I care if it gets re-shared? And what if it’s taken out of context?

Instead I ask, can I use a self destructing photo or video to share a quick thought. If I’m feeling overachieving I may add some clever scribbles or filters. Maybe.

So with that, go ahead and follow me here: jeff_steinke. Hope to see you tomorrow.