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Build. Measure. Learn.

Build, Measure, Learn is the core of Lean Startup, the concept that teaches startups and enterprises alike how to create new products with as little risk and chance of failure as possible.

Take your leap of faith hypothesis and rapidly test its assumptions directly with real customers by building the minimum viable product (MVP).

Then, iterate again and again until you reach product/market fit.

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make your cusotmer experience as smooth as possible

Friction Drives Away Customers

On the phone with a customer this morning I was describing the Less Meeting onboarding process and how we make it as frictionless as possible to get started. At the word “frictionless” she lit up and I knew she was hooked.

To think about why this struck a chord with her, focus less on frictionless and more on it’s opposite – friction.

Friction in your customer experience is the #1 way to drive away those customers. Customers are fraught with distractions, competitors, budgets, time and other priorities, and each friction point in your product tips the scales away from you.

(…unless you have the luxury of users who are required to use it. If you’ve filed your corporate registration docs in GA before you know what I mean.)

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empty desk_crop

Less Is More, Right?

Moving day in the office recently so for awhile I sat at a new desk. A new, very, very empty desk. Inbox zero, desk style.

Had quite a profound feeling at first. I felt invigorated, energized and clear minded. By god I was gonna get some shit done at work. Booyah!

…and most of the morning felt quite the same.

Inevitably, however, by the end of the day I’d needed a pen here, a slip of chicken-scratch paper there and I’d started to twitch a little when my dual-monitor addiction kicked in.

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