When you grew up you “learned” by memorizing lots of information. Math formulas, historic names and dates, grammatical rules and all 50 states and capitals.

With the internet and Google in particular, learning shifts away from knowing information to knowing how to find the right information and then how to apply it.

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You WILL Lose Customers

Stephanie wrote in to Less Meeting today with the following, disappointing request:

I am writing in to cancel our subscription. Should you wish to discuss our reasons for canceling or need any additional information, please feel free to phone/email me. Otherwise, kindly cancel our account and refund our purchase price.

What to do?

We could kindly say “No” as it states in our ToS. But does that ever result in a positive customer experience? The reality is that the  policy is little more than CYA and rarely gets used.

Or we could oblige, sending over a full refund ASAP. Sure that would leave no room for complaint, but we’d still have an unsatisfied customer, not to mention the lost revenue.

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