Dread family visits each Holiday?

Yes, you love your family. But you loathe being the family’s IT guy. To Mom and Dad you’re Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy.

But I have a new challenge.

Next time you get that Holiday Help Call don’t feign ignorance.

Try this instead: Accept the role of the Family IT guy and use this as an opportunity to view the user experience from a completely new viewpoint.

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Had a chance to do an interview with Cornelius Fichtner of the Project Management Podcast a few weeks back. If you’re a Project Manager then listen to this Podcast – How To Have Better Project Meetings.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 11.29.51 PM

Sure, the podcast was a great way to 1) Build an expertise around meetings, and 2) Promote Less Meeting to Project Managers.

But more importantly it gave a chance to be on the other side of the conversation (I’m usually the one asking all the questions). And in the process having this recording highlighted two big mistakes.

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