Had a chance to do an interview with Cornelius Fichtner of the Project Management Podcast a few weeks back. If you’re a Project Manager then listen to this Podcast – How To Have Better Project Meetings.

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Sure, the podcast was a great way to 1) Build an expertise around meetings, and 2) Promote Less Meeting to Project Managers.

But more importantly it gave a chance to be on the other side of the conversation (I’m usually the one asking all the questions). And in the process having this recording highlighted two big mistakes.

1. Speak Slow and Steady

I’m not sure you can over-emphasize how important it is to maintain a steady pace. Listening to the interview there are times when the pace of speech really picks up and it made me tense just listening to it. Fast, rushed speech keeps your listeners on edge and unrelaxed.

Not the kind of reaction you want when pitching to customers and partners.

2. Keep your Answers Concise

At times it sounded like I had to get every last detail in to each response. Instead of helping make my point it hurt it by:

  • Adding confusion
  • Straying from the main point
  • Sounding pushy or sales-y
  • Not being confident in a short, concise answer

Be quick to make your point, and do so clearly, and you might actually be heard!