Walking away from the third annual Wearables Tech Expo last week I have to admit I felt disappointed.

wearables tech expo

Going into the week I was expecting to leave on Thursday:

  • …with a long list of case studies and success stories,
  • …bullish on the wearables market,
  • …with the names of companies and enterprises who were embracing wearables,
  • …and walking away with great expectations for what’s to come.

But I didn’t see compelling examples of any of the above.

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Lately I’ve been traveling a fair amount and have developed an effective mobile travel kit. If you’re looking for ideas for your next trip – business or pleasure – scroll through this list and it may spark an idea or two.

Belkin Travel Charger

belkin travel charger

Tech need #1 when traveling is far and away power (with connectivity in some form coming in #2). Belkin’s Mini Surge Protector and Charger has saved me countless times.

Ever searched for an outlet in an airport, only to find that the lone power outlet has both plugs taken? With the three plugs everyone will be glad to let you join in at the outlet, and then the two USB ports on top are icing on the cake. Continue reading

It’s been a little over a year since launching Lessons Learned from Less*.

Despite the efforts to avoid this blog becoming a time suck I’ve found that, well, it still takes a not insignificant time each week. This makes it worth asking myself if it’s worth it to keep going.

Results To Date

Here’s what I’ve accomplished in the past year. Disclaimer, this is not an analytics deep dive, just a quick & dirty to get a state of the state.

Total Posts = 46

My goal is to write a post a week so that’s hitting the mark nearly 80% of the time. Not perfect, but I’m happy with that metric.

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(re-reading this post I realized it’s worth adding that this is primarily for ‘work-ish’ conversations)

This past Sunday as I landed at Hartsfield and flipped my phone off of airplane mode I received a text reminding me something very important that I needed to do when I got to the office on Monday.

Seems normal, right?

The thing is, like anyone else I’m human and forget things, which left me with two options:

  1. Hope I remember by the time I deboard, get to my car and drive home – about an hour long process, or
  2. Create a reminder of my own in email/Trello/etc

Neither are terrible inconveniences, but a slight pain nonetheless and if I’m not proactive enough about it run the risk of missing the task altogether, which would be the worst outcome.

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