Ideas all to often steal the show. Ideas, however, are like the shallow celeb on the red carpet. They look great from far away – successful, valuable, popular. Get near though, spending a few days with the shallow celeb, and you soon see that they’re grasping to their career, putting pieces together of an unenviable social life and sitting on empty bank accounts.

The shallow celeb lacks execution behind the scenes, but that’s not exciting is it?

Time and again I hear a friend joke that if only they’d had the idea for Twitter, Flappy Bird, even Selfie Sticks. But really, any of the countless seemingly simple and obvious, yet wildly succesful ideas out there.

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As the Apple Watch launch nears I want to divert your attention slightly to another successful wearable product. This wearable predates the Apple Watch by two years and came out with an equally raucous launch. Except that wearable failed and while the jury is still out on the Apple Watch, I imagine it’ll have a much more positive response two years from now (spring of 2017).

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