At a recent coffee meeting a friend asked about a moving into the startup and technology world. He’s interested in changing careers but not sure how to go about it, if he’d be able to do it successfully, or if he’s crazy for even wanting to switch.

I’ve seen many people make the switch – some successfully and some not as much.

Perhaps the biggest lesson out of the gate is that it’s up to you. Nobody is going to magically transform your career except you!

As Jeff Hilimire says in a related post to new entrepreneurs on their startup ideas:

There is good news and bad news. The good news is, it matters very little what their current idea is for their startup, because EVERYTHING IS DEPENDENT ON THEM PERSONALLY. Then I told them that the bad news was the same…it matters very little what their current idea is, EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON THEM.

Similarly when looking to change your career, the good news is that the control is all in your own hands. The bad news is the same, it’s only in your hands.

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Recently I heard from an Apple Watch owner that they liked their Apple Watch, but they didn’t necessarily love it.

To most, the Apple Watch is only good for two things:

  1. Notifications, and
  2. Health Tracking

Sure it’s pretty good at those things, but it sounded like they were expecting more. Underwhelmed describes the feeling I’ve heard.

I’d agree for the most part but I’d also add in a third category for some niche uses, such as score and yardage golf tracking apps. Thing is, I’d bet that these many small niche categories are the ones that will have the biggest potential.

Eventually developers and users will truly understand how smart watches can change how we go about our day, the same way one niche apps like Uber (location tracking) and Instagram (photos) changed how we used smartphones. Remember, neither of those now omnipresent apps were on the iPhone 1!

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