Perspective Alters the Customer Experience

A couple weeks ago I talked about the impact of perspective on your to-do list.

For lunch today I went out to grab a quick sandwich at a small deli near our office – a tiny mom & pop shop that’s about quality, not quantity. I ordered one of the combo subs I love with fresh roast beef, smoked turkey breast and Virginia honey ham.

Exceeeeeeept one minor detail…they were out of the roast beef. And that gave me a thought about perspective with regard to the customer experience.

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Over at Less Meeting we’re constantly thinking about pricing. If you follow startup blogs or hackernews you’re intimately familiar with this topic already.

Nathan Barry recently wrote a guest post on Jason Cohen’s A Smart Bear blog  about An eBook pricing model that resulted in $100,000 in sales that helped clear up some of the questions I’ve had lately.

Less Meeting pricing today

Stop telling me to just “charge more”

It seems that the common theme in SaaS startup pricing is that 99% of the time you’re not charging enough. This seems easy to fix, right? Just hike up your prices like the Hill Climber on The Price is Right!

But simply charging more hasn’t been that easy a change for us. Lots to wrap our heads around before we test or implement anything.

  • What’s that mean for our (currently) free mobile apps?
  • Should we have a free version at all?
  • Should we even offer a single user version?
  • What’s the top tier we should be charging?
  • What tiers should we even have?
  • …and on and on

So while “charge more” is a nice catchy phrase, we’ve found there’s a lot more to it – and Nathan’s article helps to spell out some of the details. Continue reading

Perspective Matters. A lot.


…perspective is why a Floridian puts on a sweater when it’s 50 degrees out while a New Englander would relish the chance to walk outside in his t-shirt.

…perspective is also what makes that new TV that’s on sale instantly seem more attractive than it’s counterpart.

…and similarly lack of perspective is what keeps a frog in a warming pot of water until it starts boiling and the frog dies (or so the store goes).
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