Expected value is a wonderful topic. Easy enough to learn in an hour, but complex and applicable enough to keep you interested for years.

As someone who’s always in search of the answer, always trying to synthesize (or let’s be honest, over analyze!) a dataset into meaning, EV has become my sliderule, toolbox, and IDE, letting me input the right parameters to spit out an objective solution.

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What if, as a Business Analyst, your approach to managing requirements could also apply to managing people? That’s an interesting proposition, right?

If you already have BA skills this makes the transition into a team leadership role easy. And as we’ll see, this management style is also well-suited to get the most out of the young knowledge workers filling up the modern entrepreneurial organization.

knowledge workers
Knowledge workers at work

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What is at the heart of your company’s DNA?

Within the technology industry there’s still a spectrum between marketing and engineering companies. Where does your company lie? It’s an important question to know. The answer impacts nearly all facets of how you operate.

Deep down, are you a marketing company? Does your company calculate its brand value and aspire to top this list someday?

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.15.46 AM

Or are you an engineering company? It might be obvious, like the team over at Boston Dynamics:

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