PodcastLogoLargePodcasts are a large part of my daily life but I’ve never shared that here.

It’s been awhile since I regularly listened to FM (NPR aside).

Instead, I’ve replaced it with podcasts for my daily commute. They’re also a mentally stimulating time filler while working around the house or other busy-work projects.

Heck, I’m listening to an episode right now.

With that, this week I’m sharing the podcasts I regularly listen to.

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A number of people have already asked me what I think about the Apple Watch.

apple watch

Thing is, none of the people asking me about the Apple Watch are in the tech community.

It already appears Apple has captured the general public’s interest in wearables like no previous company has yet to do. Whether they can translate that attention into a new product category like the iPod, iPhone and iPad before, or whether it never really takes off (can we say Ping?!?)…well, we’ll just have to see.

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This week the site title is a little misleading.

No lesson learned. Just an observation and instead seeking lessons learned from the readers.

Last week I dove into a couple new software tools.



Omnigraffle is to Mac as Microsoft Visio is to Windows.

Wireframes, process flows, architecture diagrams, functional maps. And that’s barely scratching the surface of what Omnigraffle can do.



Sketch is your modern day alternative to Photoshop.

A design tool designed for Macs.

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