silverbacks logoSoccer is my weekly outlet. Every Wednesday night you’ll find me up at Silverbacks Park in Atlanta pretending that I’m a tenth of the player I once was. It can be painful – to both my body and my ego – when my mind tries to cash checks my body can’t cash anymore.

Doesn’t matter though – it’s a great workout, tremendously fun and the competitiveness is exactly what I’m looking for.

Build More Fields, Make More $$, Right?!?

A few seasons back the park owners made what seems to be a straightforward business decision to increase revenue – they built two new fields.

It makes sense – a soccer park is restricted to a small amount of hours it can have players since you’re not likely to find too many Monday morning leagues. Since demand is high but only in limited time slots one of the best ways to increase volume is to add more fields.

The problem though, is that the two new fields were built over part of the available parking lot. So an already bad parking situation went from poor to…holy crap the 1/2 mile walk the field is my new warmup!!
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