Hello World!

The Pebble Golf App is done.

A golf scorecard app that tracks individual hole scores and gives you a running tally of your whole round. And you can save and load previous rounds.

pebble golf app

Similar to many Pebble apps I use, at first it feels like an incremental step up from the status quo (read: using crappy clubhouse pencils). Use it for a few rounds though and you’ll find yourself challenged to ever go back to the old way.

Or think of it like a Mac Retina display – when you first switch it doesn’t feel much different at the time, but when you go back to a non-retina display two months later you ask yourself how you ever lived!

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As part of the new year reload that comes every January it’s time to revisit How I Work.

What new productivity tools have I started using in the past year? What have I moved on from?

Productivity Tools in 2014

Boomerang – I still use Boomerang regularly but am held back by the pricing. What hangs me up isn’t the lack of value I get out of Boomerang, but rather the relative pricing. For what’s essentially a GMail add on, it’s priced in the same range as a full featured product. Heck, it’s even more expensive than Photoshop.

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You might already be familiar with Asana – the new-ish Project Management product that makes MS Project feel like an abacus, and even one-ups Basecamp.

But their approach to project management software isn’t the only thing new about Asana. Their SaaS pricing is new as well (or at a minimum “different” than the norm):

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.01.53 PM

Notice something odd?

Take a minute if you need…

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