Hello World!

The Pebble Golf App is done.

A golf scorecard app that tracks individual hole scores and gives you a running tally of your whole round. And you can save and load previous rounds.

pebble golf app

Similar to many Pebble apps I use, at first it feels like an incremental step up from the status quo (read: using crappy clubhouse pencils). Use it for a few rounds though and you’ll find yourself challenged to ever go back to the old way.

Or think of it like a Mac Retina display – when you first switch it doesn’t feel much different at the time, but when you go back to a non-retina display two months later you ask yourself how you ever lived!

Pebble Golf App v1 – Just In Time For Pebble 2.0

I’ve been looking for a better golf app for the Pebble for awhile. The yardage app that comes with FreeCaddie whet my appetite but is as incomplete as a Dropbox app that doesn’t sync files. I tried looking through the sparse third party Pebble sites but didn’t find any golf apps there either.

So I’d found an opportunity to:

  • Learn how to build Pebble apps
  • Scratch an itch for an app I want
  • Attempt to fill a hole in the market

…and do it all just in time for the launch of the first Pebble app store.

A Much Needed Pebble App Store

Are you ready for the upcoming Pebble 2.0 update? New firmware, a new mobile app, a new SDK, heck even a new watch coinciding with the launch.

Just a tad sexier, right?

pebble steel

Perhaps the most important update with Pebble 2.0 is the app store.

If Pebble has any chance of surviving in the (smart)watch market, the app store is a must have.

As I mentioned before, the Pebble setup process is simple but afterward there’s little guidance to help users find apps and watchfaces – not a good experience for average customers who expect Apple level app store curation.

For now the PGA app is up on My Pebble Faces – download it and tell me what you think – and will be available in the new Pebble app store soon.

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