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Buy-In, by John Kotter

A great idea is in fact a bad one without any support. Buy-in is critical to save good ideas from getting shot down.

Everyone needs buy-in from someone. Founders are no different; they too need lots of buy-in.

Buy-in from potential investors. Buy-in from new employees…from early customers…from partnerships. You get the point…

Buy-In, by John Kotter, is for anyone who’s interested in how well-planned arguments can be strategically used to derail seemingly well-intentioned ideas, and then more importantly how to effectively counter those arguments.

In reading Buy-In you’ll also start seeing these strategies all around your daily life, just as I did with the recent GOP attacks toward Obamacare.

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Why Blog Now?

A few months ago I decided to start a blog. Late to the party but no better time to start than the present, right?

Of course I had a few goals with blogging:

  • Testing ground for new, unrefined ideas
  • Sharing lessons learned building two companies
  • Practice building an audience through content development

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