Fridays at BlueFletch are the best by far. The team is back from client sites, we’ll grill out for lunch, and the office happy hour isn’t far off. Fridays are also a chance to teach and learn with the rest of the team.

BlueFletch(ers?) employees give a couple lunch & learn presentations throughout the year. Some are very work specific, such as the latest on Android. Some are just fun, like learning how to actually use that fancy DSLR you got your wife.

Wearable Technology in the Enterprise

Last Friday I presented on wearables in the enterprise. Here’s the presentation along with some of the highlights:

  • Despite the recent buzz, wearable computers are not new
  • Wearables are similar to other devices like smartphones, but have some key differentiators
    • Facilitates multi-tasking
    • Less “hands on” interaction and instead, context based interaction (think Google Now)
    • Wearables are typically discrete, naturally fitting into their environment (your body)
  • Lots of examples across many industries and roles
    • Improvements from wearables aren’t always dramatic, but many incremental improvements create overall positive gains
  • Pebble watch is an inexpensive and easy way to try out a wearable
    • Getting a text message on your wrist doesn’t sound like a big deal
    • However, experiencing it the first time is much different, almost delighting
  • Pebble development is easier than ever hanks to tools like and the new app store released with Pebble 2.0

What about you? Have you seen any other examples of companies using wearable computers?