I’m out this week so no new post.

Instead here’s an article sent from a friend that reinforces the Aspire-Achieve-Do Goal setting technique posted a few weeks back.

Dark Playground people

Part I – Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

Learn about your Instant Gratification Monkey and why you should avoid the Dark Playground – as if “the Dark Playground” doesn’t sound creepy enough as it is.

Part II – How to Beat Procrastination

Spoiler alert: beating procrastination is about doing. Just start already, ok?!?

And don’t try to tackle the whole project at once. Break it up into small little morsels and begin by laying a single brick, one at a time.

No one “builds a house.” They lay one brick again and again and again and the end result is a house

Thanks to Wait But Why for the off week content.