PodcastLogoLargePodcasts are a large part of my daily life but I’ve never shared that here.

It’s been awhile since I regularly listened to FM (NPR aside).

Instead, I’ve replaced it with podcasts for my daily commute. They’re also a mentally stimulating time filler while working around the house or other busy-work projects.

Heck, I’m listening to an episode right now.

With that, this week I’m sharing the podcasts I regularly listen to.

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(re-reading this post I realized it’s worth adding that this is primarily for ‘work-ish’ conversations)

This past Sunday as I landed at Hartsfield and flipped my phone off of airplane mode I received a text reminding me something very important that I needed to do when I got to the office on Monday.

Seems normal, right?

The thing is, like anyone else I’m human and forget things, which left me with two options:

  1. Hope I remember by the time I deboard, get to my car and drive home – about an hour long process, or
  2. Create a reminder of my own in email/Trello/etc

Neither are terrible inconveniences, but a slight pain nonetheless and if I’m not proactive enough about it run the risk of missing the task altogether, which would be the worst outcome.

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Email has it pretty bad. Who doesn’t love to hate on email?

On Friday Fred Wilson joined in with a Fun Friday conversation about why we hate email.

I was talking with an old friend yesterday about how much we all hate email. So I thought we could spend friday at AVC collectively hating on email.

freds-avatarAVC is a must follow daily blog and I agree with 99% of Fred’s posts. But I’m just not convinced here – is email really the problem??

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I’m out this week so no new post.

Instead here’s an article sent from a friend that reinforces the Aspire-Achieve-Do Goal setting technique posted a few weeks back.

Dark Playground people

Part I – Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

Learn about your Instant Gratification Monkey and why you should avoid the Dark Playground – as if “the Dark Playground” doesn’t sound creepy enough as it is.

Part II – How to Beat Procrastination

Spoiler alert: beating procrastination is about doing. Just start already, ok?!?

And don’t try to tackle the whole project at once. Break it up into small little morsels and begin by laying a single brick, one at a time.

No one “builds a house.” They lay one brick again and again and again and the end result is a house

Thanks to Wait But Why for the off week content.

Goal setting is an important component to success. But you already know that.

And you also know what makes a goal good. For example, your goal should be S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific – Answers the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, Why
  • Measurable – Quantify your goal, make it objective
  • Attainable – Keep it challenging, but achievable
  • Relevant – Does the goal matter; does it align with your other goals?
  • Time-bound – Set the time-frame for achieving the goal

The challenge I’ve found with goals is this: after you’ve set your goals, how do you create a plan that puts you on the path to successfully achieving your goals???

I find that this part is often left out – you’re told what a goal is and that you need to set them, but nobody helps you actually reach the goals you set. You might as well give me a new Ikea BESTÅ desk but leave out the instructions to assemble it. So cruel!

ikea so cruel

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As part of the new year reload that comes every January it’s time to revisit How I Work.

What new productivity tools have I started using in the past year? What have I moved on from?

Productivity Tools in 2014

Boomerang – I still use Boomerang regularly but am held back by the pricing. What hangs me up isn’t the lack of value I get out of Boomerang, but rather the relative pricing. For what’s essentially a GMail add on, it’s priced in the same range as a full featured product. Heck, it’s even more expensive than Photoshop.

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When you grew up you “learned” by memorizing lots of information. Math formulas, historic names and dates, grammatical rules and all 50 states and capitals.

With the internet and Google in particular, learning shifts away from knowing information to knowing how to find the right information and then how to apply it.

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empty desk_crop

Less Is More, Right?

Moving day in the office recently so for awhile I sat at a new desk. A new, very, very empty desk. Inbox zero, desk style.

Had quite a profound feeling at first. I felt invigorated, energized and clear minded. By god I was gonna get some shit done at work. Booyah!

…and most of the morning felt quite the same.

Inevitably, however, by the end of the day I’d needed a pen here, a slip of chicken-scratch paper there and I’d started to twitch a little when my dual-monitor addiction kicked in.

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