In case you missed it check out episode 44 of the Supercharged podcast. I was fortunate enough to join Adam Dachis, et al, for a roundtable on the latest tech news, exploring the best tips, tricks, and downloads for doing things better in the digital age.


Of the podcasts I’ve been on over the years I have to admit this was one of my favorites.

Supercharged x3

First, Supercharged was born out of Lifehacker, which was one of my original favorite sites on the internet to visit regularly to learn from. To this day when I’m trying to research a new tech or productivity item my Google search is often in the format, “ How to setup your own <X>”, thus making it easy to get Lifehacker’s recommendation. In addition to Adam you’ll notice that most of the Supercharged guests are tied to LH in one way or another.

Second, the 5by5 network is one of the best. Before Supercharged started I used to listen to Back to Work religiously, with Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann (the 43 folders guy). Listen closely and you might even catch a Less Meeting house ad on the show from time to time!

Third, the timing was perfect alongside the launch of the new Pebble Time, which I’ve been following very closely the last few weeks. I imagine I could have spent the full hours talking about the new Pebble alone.

As another snowpocalypse comes in it’s the perfect chance to catch up on some podcasts, so start with ep. #44 of Supercharged!