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Mixpanel’s iOS 7 Adoption Trend

Mixpanel, the web analytics experts, have a catchy new trend chart showing iOS 7 adoption as it progresses in real time:

iOS 7 Adoption

Starting a couple days back you can see the miniscule iOS 7 usage – mostly from the Beta releases to the developer community. From there iOS 7 has steadily, and rapidly, increased while iOS 6 obviously drops in lock-step.

At the time of this post (Thursday night on the 19th) iOS 7 has 41.45% of iOS market share. Based on the trepidation I’d heard from my non-tech network I’m really surprised to see this much adoption this fast. Heck, I still haven’t taken the time to upgrade yet! You can also see that there’s still 3-4% of the market on iOS 5 and older too, but overall a close to negligible amount.

I’m curious how long this trend increases at this consistent rate; at some point I’d expect it to plateau and take a considerable amount of time to get to the 90+% level iOS 6 was at. To be sure, though, iOS developers will be happy to see Apple avoid any additional fragmentation in its market.

Thanks to the Mixpanel team for sharing this for the data lovers out there.

Out of curiosity, have you upgraded to iOS 7 yet?

  • If so, what do you think so far?
  • If not, why not?

Or, are have you already made the switch to Android realizing it’s no longer the red-headed step child :)?