Moving on after Cities and Creativity, the third session explored Classrooms.

Marshall Seese Jr

Connecting Beats

  • When people are presented with too many options they shut down and don’t choose anything (agreed! If you’ve ever been to Which Wich you know the feeling)
  • Constraints actually guide creative freedom
  • Their site – – is a gateway drug to creativity
  • Next time, think about what you can do to encourage creativity

A bit ironically I had trouble getting started on the MashupDJ site. I was hoping to create my own mashup but am not finding any recognizable songs so am not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

To the point about this site becoming a gateway drug to creativity, I wonder how long the creativity lasts. Is this true creativity they’re fostering, or just a fad? To take the drug metaphor further, does this leave newly developed creatives wanting more?

Aurora Robson

Trash + Love

  • Exercise you can try – next time you’re cleaning a local park/riverbed/etc, take 1 piece of trash with you and create something new with it (that can’t be confused with art)
  • She’s turned this into a short course that any school can implement – Project Vortex
  • The value of something is merely perception – in her case, waste – so shift your perception of waste

Aurora had a bit different aspect “recycling”, although I’m not sure she’d even call it that. It’s no longer about re-use, but re-purposing. The concern I have is that in a certain (somewhat pessimistic) light, we’re essentially just relocating the waste. While it’s of course better to get it out of our oceans and rivers, it’s still something that’s not going to biodegrade quickly.

This sculpture consists of Plastic debris (PET), rivets, tinted polycrylic, + mica powder.


Daphne Greenberg

Do We Care About Us?

  • Low adult literacy impacts all of us
  • Takes great courage to enter an adult literacy program

Wanda Hopkins-McClure

Re-Imagining the Teacher

  • Great teachers encourage risk and failure
  • “Just” is a very diminishing word; e.g. “I’m just a Teacher.”
  • Educators need to think of themselves as entrepreneurs
  • Teachers want to connect and learn to co-create solutions for much needed educational reform – help them do so

What’s come of her work? What are some of the by-products that’ve come out of the EdCamp she started?

George Yu

Measure Anything, Anywhere

  • Sensing feeds knowledge, which in turn feeds action
  • Measuring feeds monitoring, which in turn feeds sharing
  • There’s an incredible amount we can learn about the environment around us that our bodies can’t sense

George’s Node Kickstarter is a “powerhouse” of sensors. Brett’s ordered one for the office so we’ll get a hands-on look shortly. But how do you separate the signal from the noise? If you’re goal is to Measure Everything, how do you turn it into something meaningful without drowning in data?

And I’ll wrap up next time with the last session of the day – Crowds.

After starting off with a focus on Cities we moved on to session three of TEDxPeachtree 2013 –  Creativity.

Quick aside – the Nexus 7 was an amazing companion device for the day. Portable enough to tuck away in my back pocket…battery to last me through the day…small enough to allow note taking without being distracting…functional enough to allow me to keep up with work back at the office…and affordable enough that it’s a no brainer. Nexus-7-2013

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hong kong

Planning For a New Job Abroad

A close friend is soon taking a new role with her company in Hong Kong. While she’s been there for short trips before, this time it’ll be a long-term assignment.

This weekend I had a chance to hear about this exciting experience and in the process learned how she’s preparing to make the most of this rare opportunity. Looking back at my past experiences working abroad I noticed a number of things she’s doing that I think will ensure she has a fantastic time.

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