Dread family visits each Holiday?

Yes, you love your family. But you loathe being the family’s IT guy. To Mom and Dad you’re Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy.

But I have a new challenge.

Next time you get that Holiday Help Call don’t feign ignorance.

Try this instead: Accept the role of the Family IT guy and use this as an opportunity to view the user experience from a completely new viewpoint.

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make your cusotmer experience as smooth as possible

Friction Drives Away Customers

On the phone with a customer this morning I was describing the Less Meeting onboarding process and how we make it as frictionless as possible to get started. At the word “frictionless” she lit up and I knew she was hooked.

To think about why this struck a chord with her, focus less on frictionless and more on it’s opposite – friction.

Friction in your customer experience is the #1 way to drive away those customers. Customers are fraught with distractions, competitors, budgets, time and other priorities, and each friction point in your product tips the scales away from you.

(…unless you have the luxury of users who are required to use it. If you’ve filed your corporate registration docs in GA before you know what I mean.)

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Perspective Alters the Customer Experience

A couple weeks ago I talked about the impact of perspective on your to-do list.

For lunch today I went out to grab a quick sandwich at a small deli near our office – a tiny mom & pop shop that’s about quality, not quantity. I ordered one of the combo subs I love with fresh roast beef, smoked turkey breast and Virginia honey ham.

Exceeeeeeept one minor detail…they were out of the roast beef. And that gave me a thought about perspective with regard to the customer experience.

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